Nicola is a trauma therapist & the author of A Slice of Orange. Her memoir about her decade in the Rajneesh/Osho cult will be published by TouchPoint Press, Fall 2023.

nicola ranson

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My father was a flower fairy, (really, look at the Michaelmas Daisy). My mother, Violette, (a flower in her own right), claimed to be a descendant of Rob Roy MacGregor. Because of (or despite) this illustrious ancestry, I left home early with a yen for the mystical and the feistiness to survive the consequences. My spiritual meanderings are the topic of my upcoming memoir, “A Slice of Orange.” read more about Nicola

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For ten years of my life I wore orange as a member of the notorious Rajneesh community featured in Netflix’s hit series, “Wild Wild Country.” My memoir addresses  what leads someone to join a cult, how to recover from the psychological devastation – and the many joyful times in between. My journey there and back led to a career as a trauma therapist and years of teaching how we can each become blinded by our cultural beliefs. I’ve learned that the appeal of a guru is not so different from the allegiance to political leaders that is currently dividing our society; and that recovery from the damage of an “us versus them” mentality offers healing that extends far beyond one cult.