Nicola Ranson is a trauma therapist and the author of A Slice of Orange, a memoir about her decade in the Rajneesh/Osho cult, and Plant Talk-When the Tree Hugs You Back, about nature's support for sickness and suffering.

nicola ranson

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A Slice of Orange is a lively memoir about the journey into - and out of - a utopian community that went horribly wrong. Nicola Ranson’s adventures take us from a conservative Canadian convent, across the Sahara Desert, through magic, meditation and mystical theatre until she lands at the Rajneesh ashram in India where she participates in her first naked encounter group.
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“A fantastic read about a woman who has experienced life in ways
many would never dare ... a staggering hit.”

Readers Favorite  - 5 Star review of A Slice of Orange

plant talk book

Plant Talk is an invitation to step into a magical environment where we are in constant relationship to the natural world around us; a whimsical journey into accessing support through the voices of nature, with the guidance of a therapist who lends her human help to the mix. Read More ...

“The author takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and healing - a must-read for anyone looking to find solace in nature.”

Readers Favorite  - 5 Star review of Plant Talk - When the Tree Hugs You Back