A Slice of Orange will be published in 2023!

Oh happy day! My memoir, A Slice of Orange, about my experience with the Rajneesh cult, will be published in 2023 by TouchPoint Press.  Here I am signing my book contract. Someone told me, “Oh that happened fast.” I almost fell out of my chair I was so shocked that I had given the impression of speed. Perhaps the journey from getting an agent – (Linda Langton of Langtons International Agency) was fast, but the writing has taken many, many years. At least 13 (but who’s counting?) In fact, the first chapter of the memoir was written in the 80s and I had forgotten all about it until someone sent me a copy in the mail a year or so ago. (Perhaps my files need a little organizing…) Writing a book is a LONG process and I am in awe of every book that makes it into the world. And now that writers are doing a lot of their own publicity it feels that some elements of the writing journey are just beginning.

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