Narcissistic Abuse: Conflict, Attachment and the Tribal Brain

Brook Olsen of the High Conflict Podcast invited me for a conversation on Conflict, Attachment, and the Tribal Brain – keys to understanding the patterns of narcissistic abuse. This podcast comes in two parts: the first episode lays out the big picture and the second explains how these concepts can be useful. (Spoiler alert – … Read more

Toxic Relationships – support for recognizing narcissistic abuse and tips for getting out

CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE PODCAST: Toxic relationships can be a nightmare to disengage from – and the trauma is so harmful to the children. Brook Olsen’s work focuses on helping people disengage, and in Episode 201 of the High Conflict Coparenting podcast, he interviews me for any tips I have to contribute. In our conversation I address the cult of one-on-one and how viewing narcissistic abuse through the lens of cult dynamics can shed light on both recognizing toxic relationships, and getting out of them.

The Challenge and Reward of Accepting Help

Yesterday was a rough day – which was transformed when I ACCEPTED two offers of support. It was not even the errands themselves (though they were both delicious and useful) as much as the wonderful feeling that people care enough to do these big little things – which brought a wave of gratitude that lasted … Read more