Coming-Out in the Memoir Showcase

Showcase announcement

Writing a memoir, and then sharing it, is a coming-out process. Having a piece of my memoir chosen for public performance (see Memoir Showcase), is not only an honor, but an act of trust, as my inner self gets ready to meet the local community. Highlighting all this is that the excerpt from my memoir, A Slice of Orange, is from a part of my life that I have mostly kept hidden; my years as a member of the Osho/Rajneesh cult. Someone as yet unknown to me will be interpreting my short story. (I keep thinking of it as “playing me”, but seeing who the “me” on the page turns out to be is  part of  the adventure.)

My short story, “The Visit”, is about a moment when two worlds collided: my parents visited me on the controversial Rajneesh commune in the Oregon desert. It was a pivotal moment in my life which I look forward to sharing with you.

I’ve started this blog to share the process: the performance, the progress of the memoir, and “coming-out” as a writer with a variety of musings. I invite you to sign up  for updates.

It was seeing this PR photo of myself (above center) that startled me into writing this post—it felt like a coming-out. (Please note I’m not trying to appropriate the profound meaning of this phrase for the LGBTQ community. My journey is different, although I am alluding to a declaration of identity as well as to a shift in relationship to society.)

Judging from this article in the Encinitas Advocate, the coming-out is already underway!



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