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My Journey Through the Cultiverse 

This 9 minute poem is about Nicola’s experience in the Rajneesh/Osho cult. The video, produced by Luna Studios, Carlsbad, is a synopsis of Nicola's memoir, A Slice of Orange - the highs, lows and in-between. This poem was first performed at the igotout and Tears of Eden Story Jam at the Improv Shop in St. Louis Missouri in October, 2023. The audience was largely composed of cult survivors. Nicola was one of many performers who came together to share their cult experiences in order to promote healing.

Cult Recovery

Kacey from the Cult Vault podcast interviews Nicola on the topic of cult recovery. (Kacey, 6000 miles away from Nicola, pulls an all-nighter in this YouTube fundraiser.) Nicola identifies some helpful tips and possible directions for those in the LONG process of healing from a cult. The discussion includes relevant parts of Nicola's memoir, A Slice of Orange, and she reveals her upcoming book, Plant Talk - When the Tree Hugs You Back, which is about how to access support in the healing process.

cult hackers

Cult Hackers Interviews Nicola on Her Life in the Rajneesh Community

The British podcast Cult Hackers interviews Nicola on her memoir, A Slice of Orange. The father/daughter team addresses the challenges of leaving a cult, an overview of the Rajneeshpuram experience, and living with ulcerative colitis.

The YouTube channel, Talk Beliefs, interviews Nicola about cults as part of their series, Guru Days. Nicola discusses how cults (and culture) influence us, the difficulties of leaving, and the appeal that the Rajneesh/Osho cult held for her.


Click on the creepy image to listen to the Cult Vault podcast and hear Nicola's interview about her memoir, A Slice of Orange ...