Nature's support for sickness and suffering.


by Nicola Ranson

with illustrations by Caroline Bagnall

Plant Talk is an invitation to step into a magical environment where we are in constant relationship with the natural world around us. It is a whimsical journey into accessing support through the voices of nature, with the guidance of a therapist who lends her human help to the mix. As the reader is drawn into enjoying what the trees and plants have to say about healing, she might find herself feeling just a little bit better.

As Nicola puts it, “When I was very ill, I found strength and solace from the plants in my garden that I could see through the window - as if they were trying to help me. I realized that nature is a vital part of receiving (and giving) support. Thinking that trees and plants might have something to say about healing, I consulted some nonhuman residents in my neighborhood and wrote down what came to me in our exchanges.”

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