PLANT TALK – The Bamboo


We’re big grass, not small tree. Don’t underestimate the strength of a grass – skinny protects from the wind. And we’re most definitely a ‘we.’ Yes, I am an ‘I’ too, which makes for the very best we. Thinner, fatter, older, younger. Always someone to lean on if you fall over. We can take over most anywhere there’s enough to drink.

My elegant leaves are so far above, you can barely see them and our relationships are hidden underground. Stealth reproduction. We wear our age rings on the outside. But some of us are vigorous young poles, warriors so proud and straight your men fancy their manhood could compare!

But no rigidity for us – our rustling stems are flexible. And light. Go ahead, knock. The stuff of flutes.


Find your own strength whether you’re bendy and light, have soft feminine leaves or an underground network. The best we can offer you is cool and moist shade, rest and a fresh perspective on time.

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