Video of “The Visit” to the Rajneesh community, Oregon



At last the video is available! Here is the link to Tara Sampson’s reading/performance of “The Visit”. This took place at the 2019 Memoir Showcase at the North Coast Repertory Theatre in Solana Beach, CA. This extract from my memoir describes my parents’ memorable visit in 1984. They came to see me at Rajneeshpuram, the Rajneesh commune in central Oregon. Be sure to watch it through to the end where you will find an interview of Tara and me.

The Video

7 thoughts on “Video of “The Visit” to the Rajneesh community, Oregon”

  1. God this was incredible. I cried and laughed, and felt that your brilliant writing came alive.
    I also felt for your parents and would love to know what transpired after the howl waiting for the bus.
    Brilliantly done. I also feel for Prem. I too played the doting husband (probably at the same time, parents day), and it was a huge relief when it was over.
    Once again I am full of admiration for your marvelous writing.

    • If yours is the only comment I receive I will be very happy! What kind words. And this must mean that my feeble attempt to send a newsletter lacking a link actually worked?!

  2. Wow! The end of this piece with your father’s howl brought me to tears. I guess we will have to read your whole memoir to find out what happened in your relationship after the infamous howl.

    I could feel all the nuances of Prem playing the part of husband. And I also re-lived my parents reactions and hate mail to me at the Ranch.
    My father would send postcards degrading Bhagwan in the most deplorable fashion. Thank God he never came to visit me!

    • I don’t think I am giving too much away to say that the story with my father had a happy ending – very much due to the incident I describe.

  3. Nicola, this is potent and very moving! What a treat to see you interviewed at the end. I only learned today what you are going through physically. I am so very sorry. I have signed up to receive your blog and will be following you. With very much love, Madir.

  4. Really glad I saw that, Nicola – thank you for posting. I’ve always found that your written words go straight to my heart, and this added another (embodied) dimension to that……..perhaps the makings of a film script?! I also can’t wait to find out what happened next – and what happened before – in fact I want to read the memoir of your entire life to date! much love to you xx


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